5 Simple Ideas of Everyday Places Where You can take Stock Photos


Often times, the best stock photos that we take are actually shot “off the cuff.”

Sometimes the photos that turn out the best are the ones that we plan for the least. So start to look around you for opportunities to take stock photos. You don’t have to find an exceptional location to get a stock photo worth selling. The places where you are every day can give you some great opportunities.

Use you own experience and passion to guide you in taking photos. If you like to hike, for an example, you will know at least a little more about how to get a good shot of a trail and hikers than would someone who prefers, say, surfing.

A lot of successful stock photographers find ways to use their everyday circumstances to capture photos that most others can’t.

1. Your Job and Place of Work

Wherever you happen to work, their is most likely something unique about the place — special equipment etc. You see the equipment on a daily basis, but not everyone does. Perhaps you work in a doctor’s office, a restaurant, or a car shop. There is demand for each of these fields. If you add people to your photos, they will have even more of a chance of selling.

2. Your Home

Do you have a unique kitchen, yard, pool? Is there something unique that you can photograph? What about your relatives and friends houses? A great photo could be right in front of you.


3. People and Friends

One of the best selling stock photo categories is people in everyday situations. It is probably to much of a hassle and too expensive for most photographers to get a model.

Ask your family and friends. You’ll find at least a couple who don’t mind the camera.

4. Hobbies and Pastimes

Everyday recreational photos are great sellers. They portray a life that we all want to have. If you have something that you like to do, you probably know a little bit about it. Use this knowledge to gain an advantage. Take your camera when you go and be looking for a great shot.


5. Landmarks

Wherever you are look for iconic scenes that exemplify a particular place. Then look for ways to capture them in a manner worth selling. These locations could be in your own town or somewhere you are traveling. This is a growing field. 

So don’t overlook opportunities because you are looking for a spectacular shot or location. Sometimes the best photos are right in front of you. You just have to see it.

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